What’s in a number? Self-esteem? Judgment? Condemnation? Weakness?

I could go on and on.

Isn’t it funny how we tend to focus more on the number that we see on the scale, rather than look into the soul, the essence of who we really are?  I talk about lessons learned but here you go, this is one I have struggled with my whole life. Today I am starting to look at the numbers differently, with greater perspective.

This is not a judgment of who I am, but the journey that I need to experience.  I have been watching one of my Master Teachers struggle with the issue of the numbers. So concentrated on what her body image is that she is manifesting greater density – in thought and form. (Yes, we all have many Masters in our life demonstrating by example – creating situations that we often judge quickly as good or bad.)   Perhaps  there is no right or wrong,  just a starting point for what is yet to come.

Now picture this: a mental snapshot of who you want to be, not the image that you have distorted in the mirror. Feel the ideal number for your frame, enjoy the emotions that you receive from this picture ~ join me on the journey. Consider that feeling and know that it is already done. Our thoughts are the first step in the process of creation.

We are all precious, wanting to be loved, even adored ~ start with yourself and embrace the wonder.    Awaken to who you really are.


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