Let it go…Let it Go…are you ready to be Liberated?

Great week ~ Independence Day!  Did you enjoy this great holiday?

Strangely, I felt liberated, it was kind of my personal Independence Day ~ oh, I cried…carried on, you see  ~ I needed to get rid of some old things that I have been holding on to for umm ~ 34 years.  ~ WHAT?  Yes, that’s right I have held on to numerous items from 1980 that I thought were an important part of my life.  While all it really provided were the building blocks for the walls of my isolation for decades.  Too afraid to feel, concealing the turmoil, the numbing of my body and my mind, crying on the inside and putting on the ‘brave’  face for the rest of the world.

For some reason it just felt right to release all of the hurts and fears, now.   I am feeling well grounded, stronger than I have been in years  and looking only to the future.  It has been liberating, removing the clutter from my home and freeing up space for miracles to happen.  There was some real soul-searching, the loss that I experienced all those years ago, felt as fresh this week as the day it occurred.  Items that would go a year or two without revisiting and then it seemed like it was time to dredge the hurt up again.

Finally, I have been able to remove objects, that to my discovery have done nothing but bind me to the past and block me from really moving forward into the future.   These things are nothing more than the reminders of what could have been, holding me in a pattern of grief all of these years.  I will never forget the lesson, the memories, the treasures and the moments shared.

Are you experiencing life’s lessons to the fullest, or just burying them for later excavation?  I invite you to share this post and let’s start a conversation.

Let it go, Let it go ~ the past is in the past.

12-11-1979 ~ 4-9-1980

12-11-1979 ~ 4-9-1980

2 thoughts on “Let it go…Let it Go…are you ready to be Liberated?

  1. Thank you for your beautiful words in ‘Let It Go.. Let It Go.. Are You Ready To Be Liberated’? Little Joshua is smiling down from heaven, thankful to hear the words that his mommy is sharing. So many hurts, guilt, shame – that only has an end when we choose to let go. In gratitude for your sharing and for an opening to be created for another miracle and healing to come in to cleanse the heart with the tears of the beautiful life, smile, and presence that he was. We were blessed with his life…no matter how short…and grateful for the teacher that he was and the lessons he has brought to you to share with our world. Hugs my beautiful sister.

    • Thank you little sister for you kind words. Joshua is a great teacher ~ even after all of these years, the lessons keep unfolding. The one thing that never wavered was the bright shining soul and the joyous smile that was a daily occurrence, a reminder of how life should be cherished. It is a lesson in how we are all precious; for life is far to short, whether in hours or in decades to disregard. Another insight is the amount of time that we willingly throw away daily, whether to the many electronic gadgets that we just can’t seem to do without. Do we desire to disengage or is it to numb us? Really what are we trying to hide from? I continue to look within and reflect, now is my time to help others do the same. The healing has finally begun and I am looking forward with great hope of things yet to come.

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