The story of how Awaken Energetics, LLC came to be.

Have you ever been through such an incredibly tough time and wondered

‘will I ever get through this?’

A demonstration of how you can overcome adversity,  come out on the other side and still be OK.

My name is Susan and this is the story about my journey which led me to create Awaken Energetics, LLC.  Have you ever thought that it was your responsibility to make sure that everyone was taken care of first?   I was the original people pleaser  ~ whether it was my family,  our dairy farm,  my bakery ~ working Farmers Markets on weekends or my employer, working as a full-time office manager.  I felt it was my duty to take care of everyone else, not realizing until much later (13 years) that taking care of self is the ultimate lesson.

My history with energy work started with overcoming my own health challenges.  A life changing event in 2000 changed the direction of my path forever and awakened me to new possibilities.

I had taught Sunday School, decided I needed a few groceries and was headed back home on a cold Wisconsin November morning when I collided head on with a pickup truck pulling a boat.  The driver of the truck had hit black ice and crossed into my lane.  It is just as people speak of ~ slow motion, you see it happening, you try to get out-of-the-way, yet you still impact ~ like magnets pulling you together.  Then the darkness ~ nothing else exists, no pain, nothing.  I was so confused when I regained consciousness, it was so quiet, all of my windows had blown out of my van.  My glasses were found 25 feet down the highway and I could see absolutely nothing without them, my hands where sitting on top of the dashboard in front of me, the engine had shifted everything forward.  One of my first memories is of a woman at my side reaching in my window and gently touching my arm telling me I would be fine, help was on the way.  To this day I do not know who that kind soul was, she was so reassuring.  It took 1 hour and the Jaws of Life to free me from my vehicle.  I had multiple injuries, open compound Tib/Fib fracture, many other broken bones and a closed head trauma.  Thankfully the driver of the truck and his passengers had also survived and I had been alone.

Thus the journey begins and the lessons to be learned have been great.

  The compound fracture took 11 months to heal ~ an external fixator, more castings than I could count, a device that was a bone growth stimulator and finally years later having the bone re-broken and shaved due to a mal-union and a tibia titanium rod nailing me back together.  I was wheel chair bound for a year, had a pulmonary embolism, unrelenting pain, addiction to prescription medications, PTSD, Vertigo, sensitivities of all senses and a scrambled brain ~ all tough lessons.  The good news is as the years go by, the lessons get easier and I’m still learning!  I did not realize until 2006 that I would be helping others on their wellness journey, the successes I have had dealing with unconventional modalities have greatly helped me with my journey and now I share that with others.  Whenever your path seems to be redirected, don’t be dismayed.   A dear friend told me after my accident ~ that the Lord knew it would take more than a two by four to get my attention ~ so He sent a truck!   Simple as that,  a re-direction of path.  Great things can come from unexpected places!

Awaken Energetics is based on the belief that my customers’ needs are of the utmost importance.  I am committed to helping others reduce their stress and improve the quality of their life.  It is a miraculous journey and well worth your time and commitment.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

To date I am certified in multiple modalities including Levels I and II Reconnective Healing®, Level III The Reconnection®, Biofeedback Specialist, Ersdal Zone Therapist and AromaTouch Technique.

The impact upon my family ‘pod’ is significant ~ my siblings have also awakened.  Three of my four sisters are Level I and II Reconnective Healing® Practitioners, Level III Reconnection® Practitioners and I have a brother who also is a Level I and II Reconnective Healing® Practitioner, Level III Reconnection Practitioner®, a Theta Healing Practitioner, Biofeedback Specialist and Doctor of Divinity.   (Now there’s another redirection story ~ his was a pituitary tumor!

I would be honored to assist you on your wellness journey, discovering health and taking care of self.  You may contact me at awakenenergetics@yahoo.com or at 608-385-5081.

After all ~ you deserve it!

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